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Autism, Aspergers: counseling and therapy Phoenix, Scottsdale,Peoria, Arizona

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

I believe a combination of approaches is best in treating mental health disorders like autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and more. Below is some research on positive results looking at counseling as well as nutrition.

People struggle to envision inflammation as a big factor in : Autism. Research over the past 20 years state brain inflammation is involved in : Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and more. Millions of Americans are sensitive to gluten and are not aware of it. There is cases for linking gluten sensitivity to autism and Asperger’s syndrome. A ketogenic diet has shown positive results for Autism- Aspergers. Coconut oil is one example.

Lots of research states gluten sensitivity is created by elevation of antiboides in relation to the gliadin that is in gluten products worldwide. These antibodies combine w protein( a specific kind) and specific genes are turned on in a cellular body. Once these genes are switched on cytokine that is inflamed can attack the brain. Cytokines damage tissue and create disease. Elevation of cytokines are scene in autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Individuals wonder if it is possible to prevent, cure, control, and naturally treat: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Asperger’s, Tourette’s syndrome, headaches and more when traditional medicine and Billions of Dollars are spent for each giant Pharmaceutical company in research and marketing. Many experts believe the answer is yes! An extremely strong yes is echoed by many experts and they believe in natural prevention (Diet, avoiding gluten, nutrition, exercise, counseling, CBT counseling, parenting, vitamins are vital and that as a society we must look at prevention vs treatment of the symptoms.

Symptoms of autism spectrum disorder can be identified as early as two years old. The research states that one in 88

children have a diagnosable autism spectrum disorder. Early intervention is very important to modify behaviors. Children

can be helped at all ages however the younger the child is that intervention begins the better the results according

to the early department of learning.

It is important to remember your child is not his Autism or Aspergers. Your child has many gifts and strengths and abilities and he or she and the family will have challenges, however, there is a lot of positive results in counseling and therapy as well. It is important to look at all areas in a child’s life to help them find desired balance and success. Children with Autism have many strengths and can overcome challenges and deficits with great support from family, loved ones, counseling, and more.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown great promise in helping children and teenagers with autism and aspergers.Behavior modification, Mindfulness, progressive relaxation, organizational skills, time management, talk and play therapy, parenting tips and more can create huge change with your child and family. I have seen it!!!!! Yes!

Lifeworks AZ; provides children with counseling and tools to manage: behavior, communicate skills, manage moods, reduce anxiety, set goals, decrease impulsivity and hyperactivity, increase healthy social skills, parenting tips as well.

teen anxiety and depression magnified technology , video games, media

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Depression and anxiety have risen among teenagers in the UK with more than thirty three percent reporting distress. Depression and anxiety is on the rise among college students and adolescents and children in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona and the whole USA.

Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70 per cent in the past 25 years.

Many adolescent teens are feeling worthless, unhappy, inability to focus or concentrate.

Teens are reporting more problems sleeping and are not receiving adequate sleep.

Children and teens are slow to talk about their distress to parents and parents tend to be slow to respond once finding out their child or teen is suffering.

Parents are not to blame for a child’s mental health issues. Children can have excellent parenting and still suffer from mental health issues.

In colleges and universities throughout the United States the following research was done and this was the mental health results :

The American College Health Association surveyed 100,000 college students at 53 US campuses and found that 84 per cent of US students feel unable to cope, 79 per cent are exhausted, 60 per cent feel very sad and more than half are experiencing overwhelming anxiety.

Obviously teens and college students need to learn coping and stress management tools to address : school, peers, family, work, grades, social situations and much more.

Many teenagers and adolescents as well as college students fear failure and are fearful of their future and need a direction and support to reach their goals. Children as young as 10 are worried about finding a job in many homes and are stressed and anxious.

Cyberbullying and social media can be a stressor and many teens are concerned about their body image with such a huge emphasis on waif models being the norm when most adults know this is not reality. Technology does not create the bully or the poor body image it may magnify the problem. Removing all media may not solve the issue because it is the negative distorted and unhealthy thoughts inside your child or adolescents head that is feeding the negative behaviors and mood. Media can affect our moods however it is up to parents and children and teens to set limits on use and be able to turn it off and find a balance in other activities above and beyond social media and or video games and technology.

There are many things children and parents can do to create health and balance for their child and teen or college student. Finding a healthy balance is key to your youths success. Lifeworks AZ has worked with youth and families over fifteen years in: building self esteem, parenting tips, mood regulation, goal setting, anger management, healthy social skills, reaching goals, behavior modification for youth, autistic youth, highly gifted, learning disabled children and more.

Autism children Aspergers early therapy helps

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Parents that observe early signs of autism may be able to help them develop normally according to recent research studies.Researchers believe repeated social interactions and stimulation and engagement with other adults helped young babies learn more about social interactions and information. This is vital for language and communication.

The research shows that these children were able to move from behind developmentally to catching up and or accelerating in their developmental stages. Incorporating talking, singing, nurturing touches at a high frequency is extremely helpful for children w autism and or similar developmental issues.

Preschool age children who receive intensive therapy tend to do better than those with pronounced symptoms who are identified after the pre-k age. The average age for autism diagnosis is age 4 however there is a push to diagnose earlier so that change can be facilitated as early as possible. One in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism in the United States.

Experts state that between 15-36 months is where autistic symptoms become more visible. Parents can learn interactive play techniques and sounds that interact with their children. Enhanced engagement with parents is a very important piece regardless of the technique that was used for engagement.

Autism Children Therapy that works!

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Autism is considered a life long disorder that is considered developmental by nature. The diagnosis in the DSM is based on many behavioral symptoms: social challenges, repetitive actions or obsessive behaviors, dulled sense of sensory stimulation, fixated thoughts. There is no biological test or markings. The behavioral issues become less frequent by adult hood. The alleged experts have stated that the core symptoms of autism remain. Most doctors see the glass half full in a child recovery from autism HOWEVER we know that change can happen in potentially fifty percent of autistic children in some studies.

The idea that autistic children could overcome behavioral symptoms took root with Ivar Lovas he was a founder in Applied behavioral analysis. ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis broke down every action into tiny little chunks that were learnable and could be acquired through memorization and repetition.

Many parent’s have seen their children recover from Autism using this methodology. One exercise for an autistic  child was to give an instruction, prompt the child to follow the directions, reward the child when he or she completed it( clapping, tickling,  cheer good boy,a candy) were some rewards provided. This child made amazing progress. The biggest challenge with this therapy is it is time consuming however if a parent is dedicated and has the time it can yield HUGE results!!!

In another case with a child that had severe autism the parents were taught tat if their child desired something, they would hand it to their child however they would not let go of the item until their child looked into their eyes. Within thirty days the autistic child was looking at individuals when he wanted an item and he had truly learned it was the only way to obtain what he desired. The boy started looking at others with direct eye contact after 120 days regardless of whether he was asking for something or not.

One boy learned the power of pointing for an item he desired instead of yelling, screaming, having a tantrum. He no longer yanked on his mom to get a particular for from the refrigerator. This success flowed into more success stories. He soon learned to use language to communicate.

Many doctors in the study as well as parents were thrilled. The experts concluded that autism were gone and their child no longer met the diagnosis of Autism .

Child teen counseling Aspergers, Autism Spectrum Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

A child or adolescent teen with present symptoms of Asperger syndrome would fall in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder based on the new DSM the bible used by psychiatrists and other mental health providers used to diagnose mental health disorders.(2013)

There are NO medications that directly treat the corse symptoms of Aspergers syndrome ( Autism Spectrum). Behavioral interventions and Environmental accommodations combined with parenting skills and family and individual counseling have shown great success. Learning to identify emotions in self and others is a big part of Aspergers however many children and adults also have difficulty identifying emotions in general. It is important to merge thinking and feeling and find a balance for health and success.

Aspergers children respond best with a great deal of structure in the home. Parents can create boundaries and a social contract as well as a daily schedule to assist with Asperger’s children to create success. Parent’s can facilitate social activities for their child with peers or friends however it works best if the parent is involved and their is structured activities and a plan to follow.

Breaking down appropriate and specific social behaviors into small steps that can be practiced daily is helpful for social interactions and communication. Learning to maneuver in anxiety producing situations through progressive relaxation, mindfulness, visualization and other skills is extremely helpful. Building self esteem through the child’s strength’s is helpful as well.

Depression, anxiety, inattention, and aggression can be addressed in counseling through a therapist that has skills to address these behaviors. LifeworksAZ has worked with thousands of youth and families that struggle with: social skills, anger management, mood regulation, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, ADD, and ADHD. Behavior modification tools for the family combined with a variety of tools in therapy will help your child with mood and social skills.CBT therapy an evidence based therapy has shown excellent results in children and teens relating to anger management, explosive emotions, anxiety and depression. Children can learn how to improve on their communication skills as well as breaking unhealthy repetitive routines or behaviors.Working on perceptual social challenges with non verbal communication and problems with the ability to draw social inferences is important.

Autistic Autism Aspergers earl detection key to Change.

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Symptoms of autism spectrum disorder can be identified as early as two
years old. The research states that one in 88
children have a diagnosable autism spectrum disorder. Early intervention
is very important to modify behaviors. Children
can be helped at all ages however the younger the child is that
intervention begins the better the results according
to the early dept of learning.

Lifeworks az provides children with counseling and tools to manage:
behavior, communicate skills, manage moods, reduce anxiety, set goals,
decrease impulsivity and hyperactivity, increase healthy social skills,
parenting tips as well.

Autistic Aspergers Child counseling therapist Scottsdale, Phoenix,

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Aspergers Syndrome is considered a type of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Aspergers syndrome is considered a very high functioning form or autism.
Many Aspergers children, teens, and adults
are very intelligent and go on to be very successful in school and in
life. Some children and teenagers with Aspergers syndrome suffer with
social interactions and this is their biggest initial
challenge. The inability to develop close friends and have success in
school can impact a child’s self esteem, mood, anger, and behaviors with
family and friends if not addressed. Most experts in the
field of Autistic Spectrum and Aspergers Syndrome disorders believe that
the earlier a child receives treatment and counseling the better the
results for their future.

Repetitive behavior, awkwardness, poor social skills, lack of
coordination, behavioral issues, and at times a perceived lack of focus
resembling ADHD are all symptoms of Aspergers children. Aspergers
children do not show challenges with language skills or cognitive
skills. Most Aspergers children struggle with non-verbal skills such as:
facial gestures, sarcasm, tone, all non verbal communication styles.
The Aspergers child may have repetitive behaviors, act selfish and
solipsistic, display poor eye contact in communication, appear
unbalanced or clumsy, and more.The Aspergers child does not come from
a lack of focus or attention deficit issues (ADHD) they are from an
inability to socialize in their world. Many Aspergers children and teens
lack insight into the intent or implications of social communication.
The Aspergers child make speak to loud in a store or in school or other
social situations. Social interaction are confusing and overwhelming for
Aspergers children and this can create: mood problems,
tantrums, anger outbursts, anxiety, depression, and low self esteem.

Evidence based research show that counseling one on one as well as
family counseling can create significant changes for Aspergers children
in the above areas mentioned. Learning: social skills,
stress management skills, anger management skills, building self esteem
skills, healthy boundaries, healthy and appropriate behaviors,
understanding other people and their communication style and more.
Parents can learn behavior modification skills and other skills to
reinforce positive behaviors and changes in your child with Aspergers to
create success in all areas of your child’s life. Lifeworksaz has worked
with children
for over a decade creating success. For more info see or
schedule an appointment.

Aspergers Therapist Counseling Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona

Saturday, August 31st, 2013
Aspergers syndrome now labeled a form of autism in the DSM first and foremost a social disorder. Children and teenagers with
Aspergers-(autistic spectrum disorder)are not only socially isolated but
also demonstrate an unbalanced range or type of social as well as
interpersonal interactions that cannot be explained by other factors
such as shyness, short attention span, aggressive behavior, or lack of
experience in a given area. Children and teens with Aspergers syndrome
also often have a lot of frustration, anger, anxiety, and a depressed
mood due to their struggle in understanding their social
Children and teens with Aspergers may display social withdrawal and detachment to healthy social
interactions at school as well as at home.  Aspergers children,
kids, are thought to be socially inflexible, socially awkward,
emotionally blunted, self absorbed and struggle with social prompts. A
lack of understanding of what is socially appropriate is a huge
challenge. Learning  socially appropriate behaviors can take time
however it can be taught so do not give up. Learning tools to display
socially appropriate  and acceptable behaviors can be reinforced
through behavior modification,  Play/sports therapy, CBT therapy,
Family counseling and specific parenting skills to increase healthy
behaviors. An integrative approach combining individual and parenting skills is
best for positive outcomes.
Aspergers children and youth are often targets of: teasing, verbal abuse, physical abuse,
bullying, and more that can spiral into: aggression, emotional and
behavioral issues, conduct problems, aggression, anger that is
out of balance, ADHD like behaviors and more can surface if the
child is not treated through counseling and therapy.

There are a wide variety of helpful treatments for Aspergers that help a child learn better social
skills and communication cues, to help them be able to interact socially
more naturally.  Therapy that focuses on learning ways to cope with
the symptoms and pick up on social cues is vital. Most children, teens,
and adults with Aspergers syndrome can lead perfectly normal and healthy

Research states it is essential to have a therapist
that has rapport with children to facilitate desired change with
Aspergers children. Ideal treatment for counseling and therapy combines
individual counseling with family and parenting education and training.
Addressing: social skills, motor skills, mood regulation, behavior
modification are important for Aspergers kids. Stay positive I have seen
a great deal of children manage their Asperger’s challenges and have
healthy and happy successful lives.

Child and teen aspergers counseling

Friday, March 29th, 2013

More information has been disclosed regarding the Newton Killer.

Adam Lanza’s mom told friends that her son had a form of autism . She stated that he was struggling in school academically. His mom also stated he was being bullied at his school .

Nancy Lanza ( the mom) reported her son was isolating in his room and was fixated on playing video games .

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders are often bullied in school as well as at work . Children and teens with autistic disorders also suffer from depression . These children may suffer from anxiety as well as suicidal thoughts . Violence is not a by product of autism however a combination of : being victimized and bullied , limited social skills and friendships , anxiety , low self esteem , feeling like one does not fit in socially , feeling depresses and isolating are all huge red flags that a child needs professional support in counseling and therapy to alleviate symptoms . Professional treatment is important .

It is clear that bullying can have devastating effects on a child’s emotional and mental health .

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.