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Tuesday, November 27th, 2018


Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong disability and is characterized by problems with social skills and communication and social interactions with repetitive behaviors as well .

In a recent survey across the United States of America it appears that one out of thirty nine children have autism spectrum disorder. This study was published in a medical journal of Pediatrics .

Over 1.4 million children between the ages of 4-17 had a diagnosis of some type of autistic spectrum disorder.

There were over 50,000 children in this study and parents reported the diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

This recent study showed that apporx twenty five percent of children and teens with Autistic Spectrum Disorder were taking a medication. In the study as well sixty  six percent of children in the study with autistic spectrum disorder were obtaining counseling and some type of behavioral counseling and therapy.

Boys had a higher prevalence of autistic spectrum disorders than girls in this study.

Autism is considered a life long disorder that is considered developmental by nature. The diagnosis in the DSM is based on many behavioral symptoms: social challenges, repetitive actions or obsessive behaviors, dulled sense of sensory stimulation, fixated thoughts. There is no biological test or markings. The behavioral issues become less frequent by adult hood. The alleged experts have stated that the core symptoms of autism remain. Most doctors see the glass half full in a child recovery from autism HOWEVER we know that change can happen in potentially fifty percent of autistic children in some studies.

As a child and family psychotherapist that works with children and teens and families and has worked with thousands of youth for over fifteen years I have seen children re wire their brains through counseling. There is research to show that our brains can be re-wired. If you read about the plasticity of the brain it shows that regions of the brain can become more developed and do change.

Some children learn through kinesthetic , visual learning, auditory learning, linguistic learning etc. As these parts of the brain are tapped into through counseling so can behaviors change. There are studies that shows fifty percent of children with autism can overcome their deficits with practice. Just like a child that has a learning challenge. The child can overcome the learning disability with a strategic approach that helps him or he develop and learn . It may be a combination of approaches or it may be repetition that is most helpful for your child. I have seen many children overcome their disabilities and I do not label any child or teen in my office because it does not help them to have a label or a stigma or a disorder in my experience.

The idea that autistic children could overcome behavioral symptoms took root with Ivar Lovas he was a founder in Applied behavioral analysis. ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis broke down every action into tiny little chunks that were learnable and could be acquired through memorization and repetition.

Many parent’s have seen their children recover from Autism using this methodology. One exercise for an autistic  child was to give an instruction, prompt the child to follow the directions, reward the child when he or she completed it( clapping, tickling,  cheer good boy,a candy) were some rewards provided. This child made amazing progress. The biggest challenge with this therapy is it is time consuming however if a parent is dedicated and has the time it can yield HUGE results!!!

In another case with a child that had severe autism the parents were taught that if their child desired something, they would hand it to their child however they would not let go of the item until their child looked into their eyes. Within thirty days the autistic child was looking at individuals when he wanted an item and he had truly learned it was the only way to obtain what he desired. The boy started looking at others with direct eye contact after 120 days regardless of whether he was asking for something or not.

One boy learned the power of pointing for an item he desired instead of yelling, screaming, having a tantrum. He no longer yanked on his mom to get a particular for from the refrigerator. This success flowed into more success stories. He soon learned to use language to communicate.

Many doctors in the study as well as parents were thrilled. The experts concluded that autism were gone and their child no longer met the diagnosis of Autism .

I believe a combination of approaches is best in treating mental health disorders like autism, Asperger’s, ADHD and more. Below is some research on positive results looking at counseling as well as nutrition.

People struggle to envision inflammation as a big factor in : Autism. Research over the past 20 years state brain inflammation is involved in : Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and more. Millions of Americans are sensitive to gluten and are not aware of it. There is cases for linking gluten sensitivity to autism and Asperger’s syndrome. A ketogenic diet has shown positive results for Autism- Aspergers. Coconut oil is one example.

Lots of research states gluten sensitivity is created by elevation of antiboides in relation to the gliadin that is in gluten products worldwide. These antibodies combine w protein( a specific kind) and specific genes are turned on in a cellular body. Once these genes are switched on cytokine that is inflamed can attack the brain. Cytokines damage tissue and create disease. Elevation of cytokines are scene in autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Individuals wonder if it is possible to prevent, cure, control, and naturally treat: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Asperger’s, Tourette’s syndrome, headaches and more when traditional medicine and Billions of Dollars are spent for each giant Pharmaceutical company in research and marketing. Many experts believe the answer is yes! An extremely strong yes is echoed by many experts and they believe in natural prevention (Diet, avoiding gluten, nutrition, exercise, counseling, CBT counseling, parenting, vitamins are vital and that as a society we must look at prevention vs treatment of the symptoms.

It is important to remember your child is not his Autism or Aspergers. Your child has many gifts and strengths and abilities and he or she and the family will have challenges, however, there is a lot of positive results in counseling and therapy as well. It is important to look at all areas in a child’s life to help them find desired balance and success. Children with Autism have many strengths and can overcome challenges and deficits with great support from family, loved ones, counseling, and more.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown great promise in helping children and teenagers with autism and aspergers. Behavior modification, Mindfulness, progressive relaxation, organizational skills, time management, talk and play therapy, parenting tips and more can create huge change with your child and family. I have seen it!!!!! Yes! provides children and teens and parents with counseling and tools to manage: behavior, improve communication skills, manage moods, reduce anxiety, set goals, problem solve, decrease impulsivity and hyperactivity, increase healthy social skills, academic success, and parenting tips as well. For more info go to

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