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Sunday, November 4th, 2018

I have been working with children and teenagers as well as family members for over 15 years . I also coach children in sports and have done so for over 25 years. My approach is a unique approach in that I do not label children and teens and my approach is to create a win win situation for parents and for children and teenagers.

Many parents arrive at my office and simply do not have the time to read 10 books on behavior modification and various techniques. Also most parents do not work with behavior modification daily at work for the past fifteen years and this is where I come in to assist.

The first step I take is an initial assessment. The initial assessment looks at all aspects of your child’s life from birth till present. This may include and is not limited to: Medical history, Birth issues, School issues, Family dynamics , Emotional issues, events that are significant be it bullying or trauma or a history of mental health issues. The initial assessment looks at: anxiety, ADHD, Conduct issues, Defiance, respect, listening, sleep, diet, interpersonal skills, communication skills, self esteem, thinking process, behaviors with family members, behaviors at school, behaviors with peers, extracurricular activities, activities at home and much more.

Many times there are a number of issues that are contributing to behavioral issues however sometimes it can be very simple. Many children need to break negative thinking that is not logical nor accurate this is small part of Cognitive Behavioral therapy. CBT is evidence based and is more than talk therapy or play therapy it looks a negative and stressful events and the thoughts that go with them . CBT teaches your child how to recognize unhealthy thoughts and learn how they negatively impact feelings and behaviors at home and elsewhere.

Teaching children and teens how to manage stress in their life is vital . We all have stress and if we do not address our stress it will ooze out potentially into unhealthy behaviors like: substance and drug abuse, Vaping, Stuffing feelings, Poor relationships, poor communication skills, anger outbursts, Behavioral issues, Acting out at school and at home, Depressed mood or depression, Rage, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Bullying, being bullied. Many youth today rarely communicate with parents and spend a majority of their free time on: snap Chat, Instagram, Netflix, You tube, Internet , Smart Phones, and video games. Research shows that this is very unhealthy and I have research to support the above. If they are on electronics constantly then many other vital skills are out of balance and need to be moved back into balance to create improved behavior and grades and family unity.

I help youth learn to manage: stress, anxiety, depression, panic, social skills, self esteem and much more to create health and success in their lives. Humans are complex and if one just works on one area the child or teen will still be in pain or out of balance and behavior and happiness will be a life long struggle.

I work with the child and teenager so they can learn tools to empower themselves and use those tools for a life time. Keep in mind a medication does not change a child’s thoughts nor an adults on a daily basis. The pediatric and America medical Journals state the best approach if your child or teen is on medication is to obtain counseling services for best results. This opinion is research based.

I also work with the parents to create a program that will work for your family and involves parents so they can also create desired change in their homes. A team approach and systematic approach is best and there is a lot of research to support behavior modification working with both parents and children and Teens.

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

New research has linked common chemicals and brain disorders in children and teenagers.  Manganese found in water is linked to: lower math scores, hyperactivity, impaired motor skills, and drops in intellectual functioning. Carbamates in pesticides is linked to : deficits in brain development. Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers found as a flame retardant in furniture and toys is linked to disorders in brain development among kids with high in utero exposure.  Tetrachloroethylene found in dry cleaning solvents is linked to higher rates of mental health disorders and behavioral problems.

The developing brain of children is very vulnerable to the toxic effects of certain chemicals these products mentioned above can cause permanent brain damage and mental health disorders. It took decades for the EPA to limit the amount of lead present in paints and in soil and in homes and chip care facilities due to many cases of lead poisoning.

It is important to exercise caution and keep children away from these toxic chemicals because regardless of the amount of toxicity it can not do your child any good on any level at all.

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