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Depression treatment therapy counseling

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Seventy percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug and more than fifty percent of individuals in the USA are on at least two prescription drugs . Over one fourth of Americans were on five or more prescription drugs.

The second most commonly prescribed drug is antidepressants . Mental health issues are something that is a vital issue in America . Most people think of diabetes or heart issues when thinking of health issues however depression is a very big challenge for America .

Twenty five percent of women between 50-65 are on antidepressants . Almost fifteen percent of the whole country is on anti depressants .

Only thirty seven percent of people experienced relief of their depression symptoms after using one antidepressant medication . This means sixty three percent obviously did not receive remission in a large study .

Research shows that after trying four different types of medications those that experienced relief rise to sixty seven percent .

Research shows that when anti depressants are paired with therapy ( counseling or psychotherapy ) they are so much more effective . The drug and psychotherapy treatment is more effective than either therapy or treatment alone according to a study .

In one study teens who received therapy in conjunction w Prozac improved seventy one percent and those that just took the Prozac alone improved by sixty one percent .

Some experts believe we are over medicating children . The current definition of depression states having two weeks of a low mood even after a loss of a loved one is to loose of a definition . Many experts believe that counseling and therapy can help prevent long term depression symptoms from materializing if caught at a young age .

Cognitive behavioral therapy and Interpersonal therapy are two evidence based therapies that have research based success with groups of people with depression .

Lifeworksaz provides counseling and therapy and coaching for depression in phoenix Az , Scottsdale Az , Arcadia , Biltmore and other areas valley wide .

Disruptive child behavior school Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Teachers have noticed sharp escalation of disruptive behaviors in the classroom. There is a rise in : emotional , mental , and behavioral problems in the school.

The schools believe there is a lack of boundaries at home, parents are not home enough do to work, there is a lack of positive role models at home or in the child’s life, more families are divorced and there are millions of single parents raising children and balancing work and other obligations . Children have low self esteem and are seeking attention at school because they are not receiving the attention needed at home .

Aggressive behavior, verbal abuse , property damage , bullying physically and emotionally , disrespect to teachers, social media bullying, stealing , abuse toward teachers , not paying attention , smoking , and more is on the rise .

Family counseling combined with individual counseling and therapy can help modify unhealthy behaviors , teach healthy boundaries to parents and children , learn mood regulation, learn stress management skills , learn to boost self esteem , learn healthy communication skills , build social skills , change negative thinking and behaviors , learn to manage anger at home and at school, teach children problem solving techniques as well as work on creating healthy life skills .

Child depression at risk

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Children are struggling with depression and are at risk due to: obesity ,, smoking weed and cigarettes, lack of exercise, poor diets and more.

Depression affects children and it is vital for parents and teachers and society to be aware.

Some signs of depression are : sadness that lasts most of the day and an irritable , angry mood . The inability to enjoy once enjoyable activities. Changes in eating, sleeping , feeling tired all the time . Suicidal thoughts or homicidal thoughts are also red flags .
If you suspect depression bring your child to a professional for an assessment .

Bipolar Child Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

In 1994 there were 20,000 national visits where children or teens under nineteen were diagnosed with or were treated for Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression.

In 2003 there were 800,000 national visits to treat manic depression or Bipolar in the same age group of children in The United States. This jump goes along with an increase in antipsychotic medicine used to treat Bipolar.( AP)

Most of the powerful antipsychotics used to treat adults are not well studied in children.(AP)

Symptoms can include but are not limited to: extreme mood swings, disruptive behavior, and extreme irritability in children.

Many suggest parents get a second diagnosis and many experts believe over 50% are misdiagnosed.(AP) ADHD, Conduct Disorders, ADD, anxiety and depressed mood disorders can have similar behaviors according to experts.

Psychotherapy and counseling combined with family counseling has shown positive results.

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