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Counseling Child Teen Depression Mom w History of Depression

Monday, November 4th, 2013

A mom’s mental health during pregnancy can impact a child later in life. A teen is more likely to be depressed if a mom was taking antidepressant medications and or was depressed during the pregnancy research states. When a pregnant women is depressed stress hormones can move across the placenta and impact a child’s development. The research shows that adolescent teenagers were almost fifty percent more lily to be diagnosed with depression than from mothers whom were not depressed during pregnancy.

The study followed over four thousand five hundred children in the study and it was written up in the Journal Of American Medical Association. The thought is that the stress hormone cortisol is released and passes through the placenta. The hormone impacts the brain during the gestation period. There are still concerns about women taking psychiatric medications during pregnancy. Many children are being born pre-maturely do to the anti depressants and the risks are not solidified and more information will come regarding using medications during pregnancy.

It is vital that mom’s put their mental health first before pregnancy if possible however obtaining therapy and managing stress is vital for your child’s future mental health. Many women ┬áhave symptoms of depression that include and are not limited to: disturbed sleep, a loss of interest in activities once enjoyable, loss of appetite, a tendency to over eat, feelings of guilt, feelings of shame, low energy, and lack of vitality, challenges focusing and concentrating, crying a lot, and at it’s worse suicidal thoughts or a plan to harm themselves.

Instead of looking at a depressed mood as a sign of weakness mom’s must get help to alleviate their depression from a professional as soon as possible. A distracted mom may neglect their child’s emotional needs and need to be nurtured not in an intentional manner however it may have a devastating impact on a child later on in life. Over twenty percent of women experience depression at some point during their life. It is nothing to be ashamed about however their are a number of psychotherapies and counseling tools that help regulate , and manage depression. A few research based therapies include : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, DBT, and more.

Child depression at risk

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Children are struggling with depression and are at risk due to: obesity ,, smoking weed and cigarettes, lack of exercise, poor diets and more.

Depression affects children and it is vital for parents and teachers and society to be aware.

Some signs of depression are : sadness that lasts most of the day and an irritable , angry mood . The inability to enjoy once enjoyable activities. Changes in eating, sleeping , feeling tired all the time . Suicidal thoughts or homicidal thoughts are also red flags .
If you suspect depression bring your child to a professional for an assessment .

Phoenix Arizona Child Depression

Friday, November 13th, 2009

A rising number of preschool children are taking psychiatric medications to treat depression. There is a great deal of controversy regarding medicating children in the US.

Depression in children appears to be more common when there has been a traumatic event: physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, history of mood disorders, mental health disorders.. in parents, unresolved grief and loss/death in the family or w close friends.

It is essential that parents learn healthy ways to cope with and process stress, abuse, grief and loss, as well as learn tools to deal with depression and mood so that it does not impact the family and child.

Teen Depression

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Many teens and adolescents get seriously depressed each year. Everybody feels sad or down , however, if you’re sad most of the time, and it is impacting:

Teen Sleep issues
Sleep to much
Sleep to issue
Teen Anxiety issues
Teen anger
Teenager challenges with grades
Teen problems with behavior
adolescent challenges with family
teen issues with peers
Teenager problems with teachers and respect
Depressed all the time
Feeling sad
Feeling hopeless
Feeling alone
Feeling down
Feeling blue
Eating too much
Eating to little
Negative teen thinking
Acting out behaviors
Self destructive behaviors
Self Destructive thoughts

It could be you are depressed or are suffering from depression. The great news is
that counseling and psychotherapy can elevate your mood and help create mood regulationa nd balance in your life.

Depression Child Depression Children Phoenix Az Cave Creek Tempe AZ Ahwatukee Arizona

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Depression was most common in children whose mothers were also depressed or those that had mood disorders.

Depressed children seem sad even when playing or participating in everyday activities.
Depression can be devastating and impact a child’s social, and emotional development.

Some signs of depression for young children are: appetite, sleep problems, frequent temper tantrums, biting, kicking, hitting. Games they play may have death themes or somber topics.

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The filed of psychiatry accepts the idea that children as young as 3-6 years old can be depression or suffer from depression.

Adolescent Teenager Teen Depression Ways to cope

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

If you are any adolescent or teen and feel depressed their are things you can do to feel better.

1. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol
2. Exercise DAILY
3. Develop a good network of people
You can talk to.
4. Eat healthy
5. Get at least 9-11 hrs sleep.
6. Change negative thoughts to
Positive healthy thoughts.
7. Spend time doing things you love.

Adolescent and Teen Depression

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Depression is the most common mental health disorder for teens and adolescents in the US.

Adolescent and teen depression can have a serious impact on adolescents and their families as well as others.

Twenty percent of adolescents amd Teens will experience depression before they turn 18.

Adolescent and teen counseling in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee can be found at

Adolesecents and teens who have depression are at higher risks for: academic issues at school, substance abuse, risky sexual behaviors, higher rates of pregnancy, relationship problems, physical illnesses, suicide and more.

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.