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Child Behavior Emotional Unemployed? Phoenix, Chandler, Goodyear, Scottsdale

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Children that experience emotional problems are at a very high risk of becoming unemployed in early adulthood according to the latest research study. The study further found that the risk was greater than other parts of the population and that it was even a higher risk during a recession when it becomes more difficult and there are less opportunities to become employed.

Childhood emotions and behaviors shape all aspects of young adulthood according to studies. Emotional issues that are unresolved have a profound impact on employment, productivity, and all aspects of life in young adulthood. Childhood mental health services can help a child learn to manage stress, cope with loss, deal with trauma, manage anger and sadness and other emotions, learn social and interpersonal life skills, modify unhealthy behaviors, give tips to parents to help facilitate desired changes and healthy behaviors for your child, create success at school and with academics, find a healthy way to balance stress, school, family, peers and much more.

Many children suffer from: depression, anxiety, low self esteem and are highly distressed. These are areas that need to be addressed in order for a child to be able to have future success in life and this is not just employment this includes relationships and family and more.

Behavior therapy and teaching children cognitive behavioral skills, DBT skills, problem solving skills, healthy life choices, social skills as w3ell as helping parents with behavior modification skills can create huge change for your child.

Lifeworks Arizona uses different therapies for children that are unique to each child’s interest. One child may enjoy art and drawing and this form of play is used to facilitate desired change. Many boys enjoy sports games so in my office we play basketball, darts, bowling, golf, as well as other games to create rapport and this helps youth open up and get to core root issues that need to be addressed to create desired change.

Lifeworks Arizona will also work with parents teaching parenting skills and techniques that will help each individual child through their challenging time. It is the eclectic systemic approach with someone who has expertise working with children and teens 5-18 and a passion to help youth that is a winning combination per feedback from families.

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