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Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Here are some tips to help your teenager make a positive adjustment from high school to community college or a big university like Arizona State University ASU.

1. Time management is key..make sure they have a planner for classes, work, homework, free time etc, exercise and more.

2. teach them about boundaries in relationship to : sleep, partys, tests, inappropriate people, unhealthy peers, unhealthy choices.

3. Build your teenagers self esteem so they can feel good who they are and about making positive life choices with friends. teen counseling Tempe Arizona, counseling College students Tempe Arizona,college student counseling Phoenix Arizona, Youth counseling Phoenix Arizona, College young adult counseling Phoenix Arizona, counseling students community college Phoenix Arizona, counsleing students Community college Glendale Arizona, Adult counseling phoenix Arizona, teen counsleing Phoenix, children counseling phoenix Arizona, college student counseling scottsdale Arizona and more.

4. Have your teen make contact and connections with faculty, professors, advisers.this support system is important making the adjustment from high school to college.

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