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Friday, September 11th, 2009

The path of Health care reform is not addressing the real issues to help Americans. We need a medical system where Physicians are reimbursed for prevention. Our Insurance system does not reimburse Physicians for talking to patients about healthy life styles.

The health care system will reimburse a physician to prescribe prescription drugs for: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, alcohol Abuse, and more. The insurance company will reimburse expensive X ray’s, and MRI’s and Pet Scans. The Health Care system is reimbursement driven and it is not prevention driven. The system does not reimburse a doc to have an hour conversation with a patient and it is procedure driven.

The Health Care System should provide bonuses to physicians for patients and their improvements with their diagnosis and health condition. The system now does the complete opposite it simply manages unhealthy behaviors/ lifestyles and more.

The government should subsidize: Health care Professionals, Mental Health Care Professionals, Teachers, and Educators. We must educate our society on health.These professionals should be paid as much or more as an engineer or a sales person. Typically teachers are on the lowest end of the pay spectrum.

We are bombarded with Multi Billion Dollar advertising to: smoke, drink,, and at the same time we wonder why we have: obesity, diabetes, heart problems, heart attacks, strokes, cancers etc…There is no reform in these behaviors. This is not prevention.

We need more health care minded professionals and teachers spending time with children, teens, adults, and parents educating them on healthy life choices: sleep,, nutrition, diet, healthy behaviors, stress management, mood regulation, coping with pain, coping with grief and loss, anger management, exercise. This is prevention.

We need healthier foods served in the cafeterias. We need subsidies so we can get vegetables and fruits and the same price as other foods in the market. Why are fruits and veggies so expensive? We need to mandate laws to help society keep these costs in line with sugared cereals.. We need to mandate laws that force exercise daily at grade schools and at high school and at elementary schools. This is Prevention.

We must put aside the ego and pass laws based on health and our future and children’s future not on greed alone!

Osteoporosis surgery questionable?

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Two studies place serious doubt on a treatment called vertebroplasty
which is a treatment where acrylic cement is injected into bones in
the spinal column to ease the pain from cracks caused by osteoporosis.

The New England Journal of medicine found the above mentioned
procedure no more effective than a sugar pill.

It is unbelievable that 73 Thousand people has this treatment last
year that costs approximately five thousand dollars.

This procedure has risks: potential damage to the heart and lungs and
some deaths. Also the potential to stress other vertabra which could
lead to more breaks.

Please give me the placebo….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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