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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Healthy relationships are created through a variety of elements. Positive relationships are part of love, acceptance, and giving.

Addictive relationships that are unhealthy and are based on: fear, scarcity, criticism and judgment.

The ego can be extremely selfish and self serving and this does not work in relationships. Criticism and judgment and the belief that one is better than another is not healthy. Sarcasm and dishonesty and those who lack appreciation and empathy create a self absorbed egocentric being. Agression or passive ag

Habits and Change relationships

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Life is about change and when we stop changing we stop growing and

We think of deal breakers as: infidelity, drugs and alcohol abuse.

Research shows that when a man or women is nor willing to work on
their habits that are upsetting to ones partner that this will destroy
a relationship.

A man who overeats and is not willing to cut out unhealthy foods,
eating out all the time, not willing to remotely diet or take care of
ones health is self destructive and will destroy relationships.

A women that is critical, nagging, selfish, demanding, and controlling
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Making an effort to change is vital in all relationships. Stubborness
and ego will destroy a relationship.

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