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Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

There are many mental health care concepts to help children ,teens, and adults with suffering without psychiatric medications being the only route for you to create physical and mental health.

Many children and adults feel helpless. This learned helplessness has manifested itself as a loss of faith in other people and your self.

When you become overwhelmed and alienated and are not able to receive adequate support it can become very self defeating.

It is important to identify and overcome feelings of helplessness, alienation, and lack of trust in your world. The basis of any caring relationship is the other persons caring attitude toward you, which in turn encourages you to care about yourself.

Working on your own reaction to stress full events is important. For example one may see a divorce as a horrible event and another may embrace it as an opportunity for freedom, renewal, and new life opportunities.

Resentment from the past will hold you back from growth and full happiness. You should feel welcomed with joy and zest in relationships. Learn to display happiness and joy when you see others. Be happy they are around and in your life ; obviously those that treat you with respect.

Do not drug painful emotions or feelings. This is an opportunity for you to grow and transcend negative life experiences. Pain is an opportunity for self understanding and change. Welcoming these painful feelings is an opportunity to transform helpless suffering into positive events and feelings. We all need help in successfully overcoming painful emotions.

Many client’s attack people that are trying to help them. They do so because they feel vulnerable, embarrassed, fearful of rejection, intimacy, or authority.

Most problems grow out of relationships going all the way back to childhood. Psychological well being requires new and improved relationships.

There are many areas we can improve upon in relationships. Being transparent and sharing your day is important as well as being curious about what your partner did that day as well. Intimacy ( in to me you see) is vital for healthy relationships. Healthy communication is important and this must be done FACE to FACE. Texting can destroy communication. Healthy communication must be done in private without electronic devices and must be face to face. Expressing : hopes, thoughts, desires, wishes, and feelings is all a part of healthy communication. Having mutual respect for each other and consideration is vital for mutual healthy relationships. Someone who keeps his wife up all night when he can go in the other room is inconsiderate. He is not thinking about his partners sleep. Having a sense of humor and laughing at yourself will help keep you balanced. There are many other elements in healthy relationships however these are a few great ones.

Counseling and psychotherapy are: social, psychological, spiritual, educational, and holistic natural approaches to deal with emotional pain, relationships, family, behavioral pain, challenges, and suffering.

Counseling healthy relationships Phoenix Scottsdale

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Building a solid foundation of mutual respect for each other is vital in creating a healthy relationship .

Focusing on the small things your partner does as well as the big things is vital in creating a healthy long term connection for a strong relationship .

Displaying appreciation to your partner is important . Letting your partner know they are appreciated for all they do . An example would be I really appreciate it when you: bring me my coffee , make dinner , do the laundry , call me during the day and show you are thinking of me .

Exploring activities that you both enjoy is important . Finding events or outings that both of you are interested in exploring is very important . Mutual interests allow you both to develop a strong connection and enjoy activities together .

If you hurt your partners feelings it is important to recognize you may have said something that was upsetting or your behavior was upsetting to your partner . Being able to recognize that you made an error and making an effort to say you are sorry and are willing to work on changing your ” hurtful” behavior is important to establish a sense of compassion and love in your relationship . This is important in establishing a trusting bond .

Resolving conflict is important in healthy relationships . It may be hard to constructively address painful issues however it will strengthen your relationship when it is done with love and respect . Resolving disagreements requires a desire to look at your partners perspective . You may not agree or understand their perspective however but being open to putting yourself on your partners shoes is crucial to create desired change .

There are times when one individual in the relationship brings their own unhealthy behaviors into the relationship . These behaviors or values were created years before your current relationship and can indicate the need for them to work one one with a therapist or counselor so they can create healthy behaviors for life in general .

Accepting your partners differences is helpful in developing emotional support however working on healthy behaviors is also important .

Expressing what you want and need is important . Being able to clearly describe your desires is important an example would be ” I would like us to go on a one on one date twice a month ” versus I would like to spend more time with you .

Talking about one item of importance at a time is important because a list of items can disrupt focusing on each item of importance .

It is ok to not agree on everything . If you both continue to disagree it is ok to say I see it this way and I understand you see it another way . We can agree to have different perspectives.

Listening to each other is vital . Take time to focus on what your partner is conveying and truly hear them out in totality without interrupting . You can wait till they are done and reflect back what they are saying to gain clarity . An example would be it sounds like you are saying …. . Is this true ? If not ask for more specifics so you can gain a clear and accurate understanding of what your partner is conveying .

Having mutual respect for each persons right to have his or her feelings , friends , thoughts , perceptions is very important to create trust and love and healthy communication .

Learn about your partners family patterns and how they communicate love and how they learned to handle conflict .

Discuss with your loved one your perception of spending time together and what it means to spend time alone.
Share your feelings on what you need in terms of time together . Work on creating a solution that works for both of you . It is not about winning it is about compromise and nurturing and strengthening your relationship .

Communicating your needs is important and also knowing that your lover can not meet all your needs . Some of your needs will have to be created or developed elsewhere . Make an effort to empathize with your partner and see things from their point of view . Respect each others different view points even if your perception is not exactly their idea.
Take time to convey love and trust and your desire to work things out .

David Abrams MAPC , LPC has an advanced graduate specialty in marriage and relationship counseling as well as family counseling . David has treated clients through therapy and counseling in : phoenix , Ahwatukee , anthem , Scottsdale , Tempe , surprise, chandler and valley wide .

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Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Teen years are challenging for adolescents. Teenagers are growing
physically, emotionally, and learning about who they are and how they
want to interact in the world.

Adolescents struggle to find their identity and at the same time fit
in with peers at school.

Your teen may struggle with academics and may a support system created
to help him or her with these academic challenges.

Teenagers want independence however still have many life lessons to
learn in relationship to: responsibility, integrity, hard work,
maturity,accountability, healthy behaviors, morals, and more.

Teens need the love and support of family members and at the same time
need times of privacy and an opportunity to learn and grow from their

Families can always improve in the area of healthy communication.
Truly hearing your teen is important.

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Relationship counseling Phoenix Arizona

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

It is very important to have mutually beneficial relationships with
your loved one as well as those you choose to surround yourself with…

Many relationships are not based on mutual respect. An individual told
me about a friend he could not rely on. He went on to explain that he
could never be accounted. He canceled plans and always had an excuse
for why he could not call back or make the event etc.

The friend he described was: self absorbed, critical, judgmental,
negative, acted superior, was selfish, narcissistic, solipsistic,
jealous, saw the glass half full, etc

I asked him if the relationship was one sided and he said yes..

He decided to focus on his family and children and is glad that he
broke away from the toxic relationship .

He feels happy and free as a bird.

David R Abrams
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Relationships suffer w technology

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I was talking to a good friend of mine this week as he told me a story
about his facebook posting.

His posting was mis-interpreted by his family: sister, mother, and

I do not want to get into the details but as we rely on techology we
are mis reading and mind reading and not really understanding facebook
communication and texting and emails.

Facebbok and texting and posts due not give one the opportunity to ask
follow questions to hear tone of voice to interpret jokes v serious

We must pick up the phone or meet one on one to understand each other
for healthy communication. The human element is missing as we text and
post and relationships and interpersonal skils are suffering.

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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Relationships are built on mutual respect and first and foremost self

An individual must want to take care of their health and love
themselves before they can love.

Many people are in love with habits: smoking , drugs , alcohol , over
eating, accumulating things , doing and doing but not just being.
Being in the moment .

When we stuff our mouths with food we are ignoring our true needs. We
must take care of our feelings daily so we do not continue to deny our

If we ignore our feelings we truly are not taking care of ourselves
and have little to give in a relationship. counseling and therapy Phoenix Arizona for teens,
adults , children, and families . David R Abrams is an expert in
child teen and family counseling.

David R Abrams
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