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Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

A majority of woman in America re suffering from anxiety and panic attacks according to one research survey taken. Over 70 percent of women were struggling with some type of anxiety or anxiety disorder. A majority state that it has to do with work pressure and stress in the work place.

Many woman are on overload. Woman are working long weeks and are also doing a majority of the parenting in the home as well as dealing with family issues, school, homework and more.

IN the survey over eight percent reported negative emotions and over 70 Percent of women in the United States Of America felt dissatisfied with their life! wow!!!!!!

Work overload, job insecurity, corp politics, pressure at home with children and family combine and the stress is creating a lot of burnout in women and others in America.

Over Fifty percent of women state they have neglected their health due to stress. Woman in Phoenix, Scottsdale ,Arizona, and the US have drank by themselves to deal with stress. Over Forty Five percent on average are drinking alone to cope with stress.

Woman are displaying more physical symptoms: colds, headaches, stomach problems, migraines, tired all the time etc. Ladies are also displaying more behavioral symptoms: mood, anger, aggression, less socially involved and more.

Burnout in America is becoming common. Over fifty three percent of  active practicing physicians in America state they are experiencing at least one symptom of stress burnout. Burnout rates varied among different specialties, however, some groups like: family medicine, radiology,a nd emergency medicine were as high as sixty percent for stress and burnout symptoms in Arizona and across the USA as well..

Only four out of ten doctors in a survey of over 6000 physicians stated they were satisfied with the balance between their work and their personal lives.

The three main psychological issues in the workplace that likely affect a  Physician or Doctors wellbeing: loss of autonomy, mental exhaustion and  that success is barely acknowledged while mistakes come with heavy punishments. Heavier work loads and more clerical work were also contributing to stress and burnout rates.

Creating balance in life is vital: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in work and in all areas of life. It can be done however it will take work and a strong desire and motivation to address emotional and physical health. You can do it!

Child Anger counseling Scottsdale and Phoenix and Ahwatukee areas

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Anger is an emotion we all have however it is when it is out of balance
and misdirected where we have the biggest problem. It can impact our
relationships , family,
work, friends, roommates, classmates and more. Anger is not an emotion
that should be stuffed or repressed however it is important to learn how
to identify anger.
It is essential to become aware of what is going on that is triggering
the anger. What need or frustration or pain is below the anger?

Parents can learn to remain calm when angry and can model appropriate
behavior for children. Teaching children healthy anger management or
stress management skills
is very important for mood regulation and healthy communication. Be
consistent with rules and violation of family rules. This is very
important. Consistency in behavior
change is very important.

Children can learn to express feelings in healthy ways without having a
tantrum, screaming, yelling, and getting aggressive etc. There are many
ways to channel frustration
and manage anger for children and teenagers. Your child can learn
appropriate and healthy behaviors at home as well as at school for their
irritable moods. Finding out the
root cause of the behavior is very important. Is the behavior out of
fear, to punish the parent, out of power, control, revenge, fear of
abandonment, needing attention deeply?

Compliment and affirm positive behaviors and set limits for unhealthy
behaviors with natural consequences to follow.Explain why the behavior
is not “ok”. For example it is
not ok to hit your sister. Hitting people is not an appropriate way to
express your anger. If you are upset about your sister you need to talk
about it with your mom or Dad and we
will figure out how to handle it however hitting is not ok.

Teach your child empathy and the ability to see someone else’s
perspective. Have your child understand where the other person is coming
from and explain it to them. Maintaining open
communication with your child is important. Letting them know they can
talk to you at any time within reason and listening so they really feel
heard is very important.

Lifeworks AZ has a specialty area working with children, teens and
families. For more info go to has
worked with children and teens in :
Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Paradise
Valley, Goodyear, Buckeye, and throughout valley wide.

Teen children adolescent cheating?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Fighting test cheating is big business with the advances in technology . There are concerns such as wirelessly transmitting questions outside of an exam and hacking into the computer based tests .

Over 1.8 million children took the ACT a national college placement exam taken by high school students . The test will be computer based starting in 2015.

Test takers have used advanced technology to download questions or capture their images with digital cameras or other devices while taking a test and then they transmit them wirelessly outside of a testing room. These questions can end up for sale on various web sites.

Major testing companies like CTB/Mcgrawhill are developing security software to sell to schools and licensure boards to protect them from cheating .

Computer based exams are expanding rapidly . We are using technology for a large majority of life activities and this is why tests are becoming more computer based as well .

Wireless technology where students that are cheating have reached people outside of the classroom during a test has been a threat to test taking .

An Individual recently used a tiny video camera in his glasses to transmit questions on a drivers test to a person outside the test room who then was able to relay the correct answers for the test via a small earpiece .

Many educators in high schools prefer pencil and paper testing and are opposed to computerized tests due to : hacking , and the ability to cheat through technology .

Teaching children to be honest is important and that shortcuts will not help them in the long run . Cheating does not pay !

Lifeworks Az works with children , teens and families to create health and success in life . Contact to set up an appointment .

Workout and work

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

If you want to improve on your mental health performance at work you
should exercise for thirty mumutes or more.

Employees report better work performance and better interpersonal
relationships w co- workers when they work out or exercise before
going to work.

It is my experience that daily active exercise is great to balance
mood and excellent for sleep and stress management. provides family therapy counseling, adolescent therapy
and counseling , adult therapy counseling , and more in Phoenix
Arizona , Scottsdale Arizona, ahwatukee Arizona, tempe , glendale
Arizona , Peoria Arizona and valley wide.

David R Abrams
Life Works AZ PLLC
602 575 4030

Teen Failing Grades

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

There are a wide array of reasons why a child or teen is performing poorly at school. Here are some reasons that can be addressed that may be impacting your child’s performance:


Behavior Problems

Emotional Problems

Anger and Mood issues

Family issues

Relationship issues

Depression or Depressed Mood

Parenting style challenges

Self Esteem


Grief and Loss


Social Skills and more

Substance use or abuse Alcohol and or Drugs

An assessment can narrow down what is really going on and then a plan of action can be created to address and treat these issues and change failing grades to A’s and B’s.

Stress management Phoenix Arizona

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Stress is a number we do on ourselves.

Stress can be created when we try to control the outcome of our future.

Turn your phone off, shut down your computer, turn off your tv…now
use deep breathing for twenty minutes simply focusing on your breath.

Take time to play. Let go of doing and start being..

You can play: cards, board games, sports , draw, journal, plant
things, laugh, and more… Let go and loosen up…

Stress Counseling Phoenix Arizona

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

There are a number of things we can do to reduce stress aka stress management.

We can surround ourselves with those that make us laugh and those that are positive. Many people see the glass half full ,complain often , and bring us this depletes are energy and elevates stress.

Less is more; instead of booking your schedule take time to enjoy what you like the most instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head off.

Take time and exercise daily even if it is a fifteen minute walk. Set limits on TV watching and internet use. Research shows the TV can increase your stress and blood pressure.

Change your irrational or distorted thoughts to healthier positive thoughts daily to help manage your stress.

You can learn to control your stress instead of having stress control you!


Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Your breathing is very important to your health, for it has a myriad of effects on your bodily functions. You must become aware of how you normally breathe. You have to be aware that breathing properly is a step toward bringing under control the physical and mental ramifications of stress.

During episodes where you are under stress, you hold your breath. Don’t think you’re unusual if you do this. Most people do this unless they have been trained in using proper(diaphragmatic) yoga breathing in relation to their stress responses. during these anxious times, you breath irregularly and don’t exhale completely. If your exhalation is not complete, you can’t get enough fresh air into your lungs on your next inhalation. This leads to a viscous cycle of incorrect breathing where your diaphragm is not used properly. If you are a chest breather it will result in a very poor exchange of stale air with fresh air. As a result, your body reacts with blood chemical changes and becomes fatigued.

Counseling and psychotherapy at Life Works AZ incorporates many tools like yoga breathing, progressive relaxation, visualization, and imagery to reduce stress in your life and make you feel better.

Yoga breathing is excellent for stress release. International published author and Yoga expert Joy Abrams explains proper yoga breathing in her book Strategies for stress release. You can buy her book or CD on stress management at . Info above is from Joy Abrams book Strategies for Stress Release. Joy is also an empowerment specialist and a Feng Shui expert. You can find more info on Joy Abrams at .

Stress Family stress Stress management

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Are you stressed?
1. Do you frequently neglect your diet?
2. Do you frequently try to do everything yourself?
3. Do you frequently blow up easily?
4. Do you frequently seek unrealistic goals?
5. Do you frequently fail to see the humor in situations others
find funny?
6. Do you frequently get easily annoyed?
7. Do you frequently make a “big to do” of everything?
8. Do you frequently complain that you are disorganized?
9. Do you frequently keep everything inside?
10. Do you frequently neglect exercise?
11. Do you frequently have few supportive relationships?
12. Do you frequently get too little rest?
13. Do you frequently get angry when you are kept waiting?
14. Do you frequently ignore stress symptoms?
15. Do you frequently put things off until later?
16. Do you frequently think there is only one right way to
do something?
17. Do you frequently fail to build relaxation into every day?
18. Do you frequently spend a lot of time complaining about
the past?
19. Do you frequently race through the day?
20. Do you frequently feel unable to cope with life, work, family?

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This is not an assessment, however, if you have a lot of yes answers it very well can be that your stress is out of balance in your life.

Articles are not to be taken as a substitute for professional advice or counseling.