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Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Increased levels of emotional stress, anxiety, and depression among children and teenagers is a major concern among parents and school districts.


Suicide has become the second leading cause of death among children and teenagers age 10-24 in the United States of America. There were over 100 attempted suicides in the Santa Barbra school district just last year!


Schools are starting some classes to educate children and teens about mental health and self awareness. In the past educators believed that stress and social stress and academic stress was a part of life however due to the high suicide rates they are re thinking news ways to help youth in the schools.


Children and adolescent teenagers are losing themselves in social media and the internet with unrealistic comparisons. Suicide is being normalized on movies, Netflix, internet and more.


Stress can impact children brain chemistry. This stress can eventually create mental health disorders in children and teens in the USA and pHoenix Arizona and throughout the world. It is essential to address at risk teens in phoenix and throughout the world so we can provide the support they need.

Three children in Feb-2009 committed suicide in Illinois. Some symptoms of children at risk are: depression, discussion of suicidal thoughts, alcohol or drug abuse, frequently running away, and avoiding family and friends, isolating, low self esteem, angry, dropping out of school, giving things away, not connecting socially to peers, feeling bad about who they are and much much more….There is not simply one red flag their are many.

The vast majority of young people who commit suicide also have psychiatric disorders( medication management). Many children have had issues with bullying as well. Clearly being victimized or made fun of is not healthy for a child, teen, or adolescent.

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As a child, teen or adolescent you can tell your mom and Dad if you are being bullied. You should tell the principal and your teacher. A child or teen needs to be in a safe environment in order to learn, grow, and develop emotionally and socially in a healthy way.

Arizona ranks in the top 10 states across the nation for suicide-related deaths.

Paying attention to warning signs-changes in behavior, hearing someone say, “this place would be better off without me” should be taken seriously, Kontz said. She recommends parents take advantage of opporrtunities to speak with their child about suicide and depression.

There are many excellent counseling tools to help elevate mood and treat depression. CBT therapy looks at unhealthy thoughts that have no facts to support them and how these thoughts impact mood. DBT has a few elements: awareness/mindfulness, distress tolerance/mood regulation, interpersonal effectiveness. These are all research based and evidence based counseling techniques that have been used for decades with positive results. There are many other effective techniques that can be used to create health and balance for your child or teenager.

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