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Teen Motivation for homework ? Counseling coaching Therapy skills Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona

Friday, October 17th, 2014

There are many factors involved with motivation for your teen. Many teens are simply not excited or motivated to do: algebra, geometry, biology, or english homework even if they have a high IQ. Many adolescents do not have the desire to do chores: pick up clothing, pick up a wet bath towel, pick up after the dog, set their alarm and get up on time, go to bed at a time that will give them enough rest to perform and be in a balanced mood for school, family and life in general. How many people do you know that are excited to clean up after their pets?

Explaining the concept of teamwork is a valuable lesson for teenagers. Parents work and provide for their children and a certain amount of reciprocity is important for a family system.It is important to connect chores and homework to life success and positive life outcomes because most teens do not see homework as valuable.

A teenager may need extra support with his academics and believes he or she can not succeed. These teens need strategies and a system to overcome these road blocks. Some tools are cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT therapy, Family Behavior modification, and problem solving strategies  so your child can excel with homework and at school.

Teens need strategies to remember chores and need time management skills so they can focus on daily tasks and not get lost in the infinite world of media: iPods, xbox, TV, video games, smart phones, texting, Facebook, you tube and other distractions like snapchat, shazam, video making, and more. Teen need to be social and have fun however boundaries must be set to eliminate distractions. If and adult had a choice to do work and not get paid or watch a movie which one would the adult gravitate toward. Set limits!!!!

Teenagers often struggle with long term planning and get overwhelmed, but respond well to more immediate time horizons. By helping your adolescent come up with a series of small steps, you empower them to work their way through the task. This will help build their self esteem for success.Sometimes it might be worth getting your teen to think of little rewards they could give themselves after each mini milestone is reached.

This method can be applied to school projects, sporting activities, jobs around the home, fixing relationships, social interactions future careers or even moving out of home.

Etiquette Respect self Respect teacher Respect professor school

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Parents who teach children to honor their mother and father as well as
respect their teachers and elders will grow to gain respect from their
peers, co workers, classmates, and children and family. Learning
respect and manners in the home transfers to positive healthy
behaviors in all areas of life.

Teens, children, and adults must learn to show appreciation and
gratefulness for teachers and professors. Children and adults that are
open to feedback can truly learn, grow, and develop life skills. The
students that remain un grateful, closed, judgmental, and
disrespectful will find their lives surrounded by those who do no
respect you and whom so not admire you.

Teachers yield a powerful influence on youth.

Parents can model respect and etiquette toward teachers and set hood
examples for their children.

Parents can teach children to say: thank you, please, and I appreciate
your help. Apologizing when a student has been disrespectful or has
made an error by asking to be forgiven teaches manners and the fact
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Parents can teach children healthy communication skills and must set
boundaries in relation to respect so children can develop positive
relationshops at school, with peers, family and work.

David R Abrams
Life Works AZ PLLC
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Respect manners classy behaviors

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

I was speaking to a friend in Tucson who teaches students and we
started talking about respect.

Many students in her middle school show no respect to their teachers.
The children have no manners and do not say thank you. The children
have never been taught to honor their elders, respect adults, honor
their mother and father.

I believe schools should demand: ethics, morals, manners and more.
Students should be graded on manners as well as their academics!!!

I spoke to another friend who is extremely intelligent and who is a
prof. at a university last week. She was upset that her graduate level
students were lacking manners, respect, and professionalism . She
stated they were rude, impolite, judgmental, negative, not team
players, and lacked values and ethics. She stated they were " low
class" adults in graduate school.

I explained to her that these students must be taught values and
manners for the best interest of humanity and the Usa!!!

She stated her university was planning on implementing a grading
system that penalized students for attacking, judging, and for having
poor manners!!!

I support her university and hope more schools teach values to
students since many have never learned them at home!

David R Abrams
Life Works AZ PLLC
602 575 4030

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