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Teen Counseling Therapy Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

A recent survey of over 20,000 teens showed almost half of all teen respondents were stressed in some way or form most of the time.Over Forty percent of all youth were extremely concerned about their mental health. Teens stress were related to: future direction and career paths, academic stress, and insecurity financially. Many teens almost one on two felt anxiety and stress at a high level related to COVID 19.

Since the pandemic and COVID 19 and the uncertainty of the virus. How did it happen? Is it a Bio weapon? Did it go through zoonotic process and was created in a market and all the fear related to COvid 19 has put many on the edge of high anxiety and high stress. Over thirty percent of teens state their anxiety and depression has increased since the inception of the pandemic and lockdowns and masks and social distancing as well as the bombardment of fear via : social media, tv, advertising, billboards, commercials, and more.

Young women and teens were twice as likely to express anxiety and depressed moods in a recent survey. Historically females have expressed feelings and thoughts at a higher level than males or boys. This may not be the case in this scenario.

Many youth have been blamed for the pandemic. Society has pushed the fact that the younger individuals would be spreading the Corona virus to the elderly and hence they would be the ones that got sick, suffered, had serious health issues or died. There is great controversy regarding : mask use, social distancing, lockdowns etc. There is research in countries showing the former did not work and there are other studies showing it did work. The bottom line is that a change in school, jobs, work and social life is having a very negative impact on children and teenagers mental health: anxiety, depression, self esteem, mood, and much more.

David at has been specializing in working with youth and teens for over eighteen years. David works with a wide array of issues including but not limited to: ADHD, Conduct Disorders, oppositional Defiance, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Social skills, Self Esteem, Stress, career passions and direction, and more.

Counseling Men Phoenix Arizona Scottsdale Arizona

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

Millions of American men are not doing as well as they present to the rest of the world. A poll of over 3,000 men state that on a one to ten scale . Ten being great and one being not great at all their mental health is around a five. Stress is on the rise for men all over the Unites States. One quarter of men in the survey state their physical health is not great. Twenty percent of all men in the study state their eating habits are poor. Stress and pressure at work is very high hovering around twenty one percent. The mens well being was impacted by use of social media. Some of the mens well being was effected by change in life style. Some stated that there well being and or mental health were impacted by a lack of relationships. Forty six percent of Americans state they keep their feelings and thoughts inside e and do not open up and share their feelings with others.. Over thirty five percent of men feel lonely and alone in America. Over Thirty six percent avoid talking about mental health or their physical and mental health to others.

Many men find it hard to open up about how they are feeling. The American culture teaches men to be strong and tough and to not cry or share feelings. It is played in movies and TV and throughout news and all media. Understanding feelings and thoughts and being able to talk about them can improve ones mental health and well being. Sixty five percent of men feel anxious or anxiety when involved in social situations. Seventy percent of men feel more relaxed at their homes. Over Sixty percent feel better around their close friends.

Forty percent of men mention their mental health and well being to a medical doctor. Almost fifty percent of men do not feel comfortable sharing feelings with other men. Men feel they can handle the situation themselves and many simply do not want to show anyone their vulnerability. Many see cutting back on alcohol or talking to friends as a way to help. has worked with men on a wide array of issues: stressors, relationship, mood, anger management, add, anxiety, depression and healthy habits and much more for over 18 years.

Counseling Teen CBT Cognitive Behavioral Phoenix Scottsdale

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

“A sufficiently negative outlook even the happiest moments in life can become a source of anxiety and stress. When we worry, we become preoccupied with an aspect of our lives, desperately trying to anticipate what might go wrong and what might happen if it does. Although we might believe worry is constructive, actually all it usually does is lower our mood. And when we start worrying it can be difficult to stop.

Internalizing feelings can create anxiety and depression in children, teenagers, and adults. Externalizing feelings of pain and trauma and negative thoughts can feed addictions.

Negative life events elevate the risk of mental health problems. Covid has increased mental health disorders in a huge way for youth and adults.

Excessive negative thoughts can be a source : Phobias, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, alcohol and drug abuse and more.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy treatment is a one on one treatment that helps with : anxiety, anxiety disorders, depression and more. Clients are helped to notice when they are worrying, to interrupt this habitual thinking style and then try alternative ways of reacting to life’s problems.

How does CBT tackle worry? For one thing, it helps people to re-evaluate their beliefs about its benefits. Like many of us, individuals who are prone to excessive worry tend to assume that it helps them. They may believe, for instance, that worrying helps them to anticipate and solve problems; that it provides the motivation necessary to tackle those problems; or that it prepares them for the worst if a solution can’t be found. They may even feel that by worrying about an event they can prevent it occurring – despite realizing that it’s pure superstition. Learning to challenge these kinds of beliefs can be a huge step forward.

CBT also teaches us to confine our worrying to a regular set period of 15 minutes or so each day. When worrying thoughts arise at other times, the trick is to save them for later and let them go. “Expressive writing” can be effective too: you describe your worries in as much detail as you can, focusing on what it feels like, and resisting the temptation to analyse what’s causing your thoughts. And don’t underestimate the power of distraction: work out when you’re most likely to worry and plan a pleasurable, absorbing activity you can do instead.

Many of Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques for tackling worry are not rocket science: with the right guidance we can all put them into practice. By doing so we’re not merely sparing ourselves hours of futile fretting. If excessive worry is truly the p factor it seems to be, we’ll also be addressing one of the key determinants of our mental health.”

Counseling Anger Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Covid 19 has created a wide array of physical disorders and health issues as well as mental health disorders and emotional disorders.The anxiety and stress created by COVID 19 has been pervasive with : children, teens, and adults throughout the whole world. Anxiety Disorders including PTSD, OCD, Panic Attacks, and Phobias has been on the rise. Mood disorders and mood issues have also been on the rise be it bipolar or depression and more.

Anger is a huge issue as well. Anger is not bad however when held onto for a long period of time it can cause all sorts of health issues. Long term anger impacts: hypertension, blood pressure, pain, headaches, back aches, stomach aches and weakens the immune system. Anger also increase anxiety in people as well. Anger weakens ones immune system. Anger is an indication that we are off balance and something is not ok within us. Supressing anger, stuffing anger or bottling up anger is not healthy for our immune systems and health overall. Acting out anger is also not healthy because we are victimizing others due to our internal pain.

Take time and try to avoid rehashing your anger and negative events that you do not have any control over because it can only create physical and emotional harm to oneself. Exercising for one hour each day is one of the absolute research based strategies to help with the emotion of anger.

There are so many things we can not control in our lives. The weather, a pandemic, what others say or do. If we can accept the reality of the situation and realize we all suffer and all have pain we can begin the process of healing from stuffed anger.

Sharing feelings with a trusted friend is a healthy way to cope and deal with anger. When sharing story with your friend or friends ask them what you need specifically from them. Do you need a place to dump or vent without feedback? Do you need empathy and understanding? Do you want them to help solve the problem for you or give their own advice? Let the peer know you appreciate their time and support and be there for them if you are able.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a evidence based research tool used over the past 70 years worldwide that is just one great tool that helps with managing mood and anger. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy looks at unhealthy thought patterns and these specific distorted thoughts impact our emotions and feelings. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps identify these unhealthy thought so we can re program our thoughts with healthier thoughts that are supported by facts vs unhealthy thoughts or distortions that do not have concrete support to back up the thought. As we change these thoughts what we find is our negative emotions are modified and this leaves us room for happy emotions like: joy, excitement, curiosity, happiness and much more. David at has been helping individuals with: anger and other mood disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and many other tools for more than 18 years.

Counseling Teens Internet Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona

Monday, April 18th, 2022

Teenagers that are continually online or constantly online are chronically stressed, anxious, and depressed according to recent research studies looking at children and teen that spend a great deal of time online be it : video games, social media, twitch, you tube, tik tok and more. These children and teens think about suicide more than their friends or peers that do not spend as much time online using the internet. Counseling teens can help create balance.

Children and teens show more mental health problems and more physical somatic problems as well as more emotional problems according to the latest research. The research was done with a large number of children and teens and the study used over 30,000 children to gather data. Children and teens that spent more time off the internet doing other activities showed lower levels of stress and anxiety. The children in the study showed lower levels of sadness when they were spending less time on the internet and more time with friends or family or exercising. The youth showed less suicidal ideations when they spent less time on the internet. This study is not referring to activities like school work and academics. Child and teen therapy is beneficial.

Children and teens must have a balance in their life in order to be fulfilled and happy. A balance includes: a healthy diet, spending quality face to face time with family, developing social friendships, working hard at school and doing homework and reading, physical exercise at a minimum five days a week, receiving an adequate amount of sleep 8-11 hours, healthy boundaries and healthy limits, time to recharge, expressing thoughts and feelings and communicating in a healthy way, tools to manage emotions like anger, sadness, happiness and more. Looking at healthy thoughts that are the foundation of your child’s day and future, building a healthy sense of self, empowering your child for eventual independence, respecting and listening to parents.

Parents can learn to set limits and boundaries with a child’s online activities: smart phones, xbox, TV, Netflix, social media, Tok Tok Twitch, game boys and more. Parents can create the best opportunity for their child and teenagers success. provides counseling and therapy for children and teens as well as tips and strategies for parents to create health and happiness and success in their lives and to reduce stress and create balance. David Abrams MAPC LPC CAGS specializes in working with children, teens , and families and has done so for over eighteen years in the Valley including: Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. You can read more about his work and professional and parent testimonials at

Counseling Children, Teens Behavioral Emotional Disorders Phoenix , Scottsdale Arizona

Sunday, April 17th, 2022

Many children and teens are being diagnosed with mental health disorders: ADHD, Oppositional defiance, Anxiety Disorders, Mood disorders, depression and more. The pandemic has created a great deal of stress among families and children and mental health issues are oozing out related to it. People passing, people getting sick, fear of leaving the house etc. Slf reports of anxiety and depression are on the rise . There has been a huge increase on visits to emergency rooms that has been due to anxiety and depression in youth and other emotional and behavioral disorders over the last two years due to the coronavirus. Symptoms of depression and anxiety has doubled since the start of the pandemic in 2019. Contributing factors for anxiety disorders and depressive disorders include: limited social skills at school and with friends, changes with online course work and school scheduling, wearing masks due to fear of the corona virus, feeling hopeless and not having support emotionally regarding the pandemic, being bombarded by media with negative fear based messages on : tv, social media, tik tok, instagram, FB, snapchat etc. Researchers state that the media amplifies a child or teens state of mind or current mental health condition. Children and teenagers are feeling more distress due to the Pandemic and it is not the only cause of their stress or anxiety or mood issues.

There is a lot to be said in relation to making a connection with friends for teenagers. An online connection does not help with feeling alone and having likes on ones social media etc does not make up for face to face interactions and the need for human connection among children and teenagers as well as adults. Feeling alone is one of the biggest issues related to depression and suicidal thoughts. Playing games online or texting online is not a true connection with people and same goes for all social media . Connections online is not real in the sense that people need to connect in person and laugh in person and play in person and hold hands in person or throw a ball in person. Online is no substitute according to neurologists and many other that study online activity. Social connection face to face is vital for healthy development in children and teenagers. has specialized in working with child and teen with anxiety disorders and depression and families for eighteen years. David at works with the child or teen to help create a life of balance in counseling and other techniques as well as work with parents on best approaches to create health and balance in your child’s life.


Sunday, April 17th, 2022

Over seventy five percent of all colleges and universities in the United States of America did not require standardized tests to enter the university due to the pandemic from Covid 19. The SAT and ACT scores were not required and were essentially waived for almost 3/4 of all applicants nationwide. As of 2022 many college institutions are bringing back the SAT and ACT for applicants and this increasing teen anxiety at a very high level. Many teens have great fears and anxiety due to the Pandemic and adding another rigorous test that is weighted more than their four years of grades is creating more anxiety and stress among those that want to go to colleges and universities. Many Universities like MIT and others are requiring the exam for all applicants however there are many schools that are not requiring the SAT test or the ACT test and this is causing more confusion among teenagers. Students are not sure if the need to take the entrance exam are they can pass on the entrance exam. In Georgia at first the Universities decided that entrance exams would be required by all applicants at all the Universities. The State changed their mind within a few months and stated in 2022 that students would not need to take the SAT or ACT except for three out of the 27 universities creating more confusion among those that want to attend school in the state of Georgia. The University of North Carolina has stated that ACT or SAT exams are optional for all applicants until fall of two thousand twenty four. Eight of the Ivy league schools have extended the test option as it is optional until 2023. Many parents and teens are concerned and anxious that optional means if they do not take the ACT or SAT they will not be given consideration. MIT admissions states that tests help his school see who is prepared for a math heavy curriculum and help identify potential applicants that did not have math heavy AP classes offered at their high schools

Many parents and teenagers have anxiety related to where their teen will go for school and the pandemic adds to anxiety and anxiety disorders. Many teens have stated they would like to do online classes or stay at home and avoid being in a dorm or a school with tens of thousands of students. has been working with teens and families for over 18 years in Phoenix and Scottsdale. www.Lifeworksaz has a specialty in Teen anxiety counseling and more.

Counseling Teen Child Anxiety Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022

Since Covid 19 the United States government suggests screening children as young as eight for anxiety the US Government also suggest that children as young as age twelve be screened for depression giving health care professionals guidance in relation to treatment protocols for youth. The COVID pandemic has accelerated conditions with anxiety disorders and depressive disorders as well. The Pandemic has increased issues with : emotional disorders, Add, oppositional defiance, emotional as well as behavioral disorders. Screening youth for anxiety disorders can be done through questions and or questionnaires. Twenty percent of all youth in a recent survey stated they considered attempting suicide.

Lifeworks AZ counseling provides tools for youth to manage anxiety and anxiety disorders. Lifeworks Az counseling also provides tools for parents to help the family system and manage family stress and anxiety. Lifeworks AZ counseling provides tools to help youth manage and regulate mood. David @ lifeworks AZ uses a wide array of approaches not only to make the child feel comfortable but families as well. Lifeworks AZ further uses a wide array of approaches from 20 years of experience in treating children and families. David knows that a cookie cutter approach is not the best approach . At lifeworks az Counseling and therapy David may use: play and sports therapy, talk Therapy, Family systems approach, parenting strategies, Behavior modification approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Mindfulness, distress tolerance, visual motor behavioral reversal, Progressive relaxation, Meditation, games, exercises and teaching methods to help the child nd family create balance in their lives. For more info read what experts and individuals are saying about

Counseling Anxiety Stress

Friday, April 8th, 2022

Over twenty five percent of American workers have moved or eliminated their employment over anxiety and stress as well as other mental health issues.

In a large poll of over two thousand workers over twenty seven percent stated that they quit their job to mental health issues that can include many areas like anxiety, depression and stress.

Over fifty five percent of all workers stated that stress contributed to quitting their jobs. Over thirty seven percent of workers stated depression motivated them to quit.

Over thirty five percent stated anxiety related stress and lack of motivation impacted them to quit their jobs over the past year.

Stress at work had the second most negative impact on an individuals mental health. Over fifty percent state they have experienced stress related to employment.

Workers feel overwhelmed and underpaid and imbalanced.

The most worker related stress was caused by being overwhelmed and having a lack of work-life balance. has worked with stress and anxiety issues for over eighteen years in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.

Teen Counseling Emotional Behavioral Phoenix Arizona

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022

There are many components that can impact your child’s emotional and behavioral health. Parenting styles is essential being parents are the yes and ears of all children and teens. Parents can provide best role modeling for their child and teen as well. Parents can set limits and boundaries with ether children and teenagers as well as learn best techniques to modify and manage their child’s mental and behavioral health

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