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As a specialist in counseling Psychology that works with children and teens and families and has worked with thousands of youth for over fifteen years I have seen children re- wire their brains through counseling. There is research to show that our brains can be re-wired. If you read about the plasticity of the brain it shows that regions of the brain an become more developed and do change. I have seen huge changes with clients in many areas of their lives: work, social, school, family, and more.

Some children learn through kinesthetic, visual learning, auditory learning, linguistic learning etc. As these parts of the brain are tapped into through counseling so can behaviors change. There are studies that shows fifty percent of children with autism can overcome their deficits with practice. Just like a child that has a learning challenge. The child can overcome the learning disability with a strategic approach that helps him or he develop and learn. It may be a combination of approaches or it may be repetition that is most helpful for your child. I have seen many children overcome their disabilities and I do not label any child or teen in my office because it does not help them to have a label or a stigma or a disorder in my experience.

It is important to remember your child is not his Autism or Aspergers. Your child has many gifts and strengths and abilities and he or she and the family will have challenges, however, there is a lot of positive results in counseling and therapy as well. It is important to look at all areas in a child’s life to help them find desired balance and success. Children with Autism have many strengths and can overcome challenges and deficits with great support from family, loved ones, counseling, and more.

Many children and teens have been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder or Aspergers syndrome. Many of the symptoms can be managed through behavioral therapy and counseling. A combination of family counseling and parenting combined with individual child counseling shows evidence in research for best results. Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown great promise in helping children and teenagers with autism, ASD, and Aspergers. Behavior modification, Mindfulness, progressive relaxation, organizational skills, time management, talk and play therapy, parenting tips and more can create huge change with your child and family.

David AbramsBiography David R. Abrams, MAPC, LPC, CAGS

Psychotherapist David Abrams is extremely passionate about effecting changes and creating hope and health in the lives of children, teens and adults through counseling. He has an eclectic, strengths-based approach to counseling and psychotherapy. He believes that empathy, rapport, and unconditional support provide the foundation where change can be facilitated. He works with children, teens, and adults with a wide array of mental health challenges.

A native of Phoenix, AZ, David graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 1998 with a B.A. in Psychology. In 2004, he received his M.A.P.C., Masters in Professional Counseling with a 3.9 GPA from Ottawa University. He graduated with a certified advanced graduate specialty in Marriage, Child, and Family as well as another advanced graduate certification in Trauma, Abuse, and Deprivation.