How Child, Teen, and Family Counseling Works

Working with David Abrams, MAPC, LPC, CAGS

David Abrams My intention is to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. I explain to your child and the parent(s) that we all have stress and pain in life. I share my philosophy in general is to help reduce stress and create balance and success in your child’s life. I believe it is important to teach healthy habits.

Further, I believe each child is unique and has numerous strengths, and it is important to understand your child’s strengths and life’s interests and passions to truly connect to your child’s world and understand their needs, hopes, thoughts, and feelings. This is essential in my work to facilitate change.

I believe it is extremely important to build rapport with your child and the parent(s) at the initial assessment and understand the family and their unique goals for the child and family. My office has relaxing nature scenes and music to create a tranquil and relaxed setting for change. I use a variety of techniques and skills from my studies and experience to help your child.

The initial appointment is the assessment. It is at this time where I am gathering detailed information about your child or teen from birth to the present. This is information related to behavioral issues, mood and emotional issues, medical history, past treatment, substance use, video game and social media addiction, mental health history, family dynamics and family issues, academic issues, social issues, parenting styles, past trauma, past bullying, social struggles, communication issues, eating habits, sleep habits, and more.

I let your child know that we ALL can make changes and have areas we can improve on. Letting your child know that we all will work together allows your child/teen not to feel “labeled,” “defective,” “disabled,” ”stigmatized” or “dysfunctional.”

I will give parenting tips to help facilitate desired change. I will help parents with a program and treatment goals to modify a child’s behavior and manage their emotions for a balanced, successful life.

In the initial assessment, I meet with the parent(s) and the child/teen. If a parent prefers to meet alone without the child, I will allow time for the parent(s) and then have both the child and parent(s) meet in the initial assessment.

In the initial assessment, I review all the forms and guidelines for counseling. I discuss confidentiality and its limits. I also work with you to create desired goals for your child/teen called the treatment plan.

The second appointment would be counseling your child. I request a review of your child or teen's behaviors weekly so I can help solve problems and reach their treatment goals.