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Real testimonials from parents of children David Abrams has helped.

I wanted to say thank you again for your help with Victoria. Victoria benefited so much from time with you and I’ve recommended you to several of my friends.

David helped my son cope with anxiety and ASD. He provided him tools to maneuver challenging social situations in Middle school as well as in High school. David encouraged my son and helped my child empower himself to believe in his abilities with social interactions and meeting friends. David also helped my son build his self esteem so he could excel in sports and academics. My son has reached numerous goals and his confidence has soared since working with David. He has helped my son become a more effective communicator and has helped my child move forward with: confidence, strength, and hope that he will be able to navigate challenges he comes across in life. David is very empathic and a professional at what he does; it is very clear that he cares greatly about helping others help themselves.

Hi David..... amazingly our son had zero tantrums for 1 whole week! This is longest period of time in at least last 2 years where he has had none. He is happy, listens to our plan of how to tackle homework instead of just shutting down , and seems more confident in himself that he can do this. Thank you!!

Several years ago my oldest daughter starting demonstrating very angry and rebellious behavior. I do not recall how we found David but we were very grateful we did. David worked directly with our daughter to figure out the cause of the sudden change in her behavior while also helping us as parents realize better ways to approach and handle the situations we were experiencing. Over time our happy daughter returned. Fast forward to this year where we found our son experiencing very low self esteem that was manifesting as anger. We immediately reconnected with David and again he worked with our son to address the issue and to help us make changes that had a positive impact on our son. David has been there for us not once...but twice...and both times we saw great improvement in ourselves and our children. I recommend his services very highly.

Good morning David!
Well, I have to say... It has been SO much better of a week!!!! Seriously... I am shocked at how far he has already come.

You have been instrumental in assisting the family in our difficult stretch of our journey. You were placed in our lives when we were in need of an angel. Thank you for your guidance, the three of us will be forever grateful.

I saw a lot of changes in my 11 yeard old daughter with you, and would like to start up again in the future for my son. Thank you so much!

Hey David, i just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for all that you’ve helped me with these last several months. I truly do not know where I would be today if it wasn’t for your kind heart and supportive attitude to help me feel better about myself and about my situation. Originally I was super nervous to do therapy because if the negative connotations associated with it. However you have completely changed my mind regarding the subject. You truly did help me become a better person and I or my mom will email you as soon as anything comes up and we think I need some additional help with. Thank you for all you have done and for helping me get to a place where I, and my parents, are prouder of me than ever.

Hello David,
I feel so excited and so much blessed to find you, Michelle is more open now, she is talking a lot, when I said I lot is a lot, she is telling me more about how she is feeling. She wants to be more with me, watching Netflix together and trying to help in everything around the house. I am so happy !

You have greatly helped me during these past couple of months !!!

Thank you so much. My kid is just so much better since we started seeing u!

Hi David,

First, I just wanted to let you know that Andrew left your office last week with a VERY different frame of mind in which he entered, so thank you. He clearly likes you and values what you have to say. :)

I went to David for an anger problem years back and he helped transform my life! The tools he provided, in and outside of our sessions, gave me what I needed to change for the better. I highly recommend him for anyone going through a tough time.

Thank you for everything you have done for us. I really think you helped us through a difficult time, and I think I am a better mother and he is a happier child.

It’s Penelope’s mom . I just wanted to give you a thank you . My daughter lights up every time she is done with your session .

You are helping her tremendously and I just wanted to make sure you were aware of what a big impact you are having on her . I just want to thank you again so much for what you have done .

I thought it went great. My daughter said "He is really great, way better than I expected and he is really down to earth". She is looking forward to next week.

David is nothing short of a miracle maker, He is a great listener to the kids and connects with them in ways that makes them want to listen to him and try his techniques. David first worked with our son at age 4 to deal with his speech difficulties and making friends by verbally expressing himself, which helped him tremendously growing up and now our son is 14, he had an emotional situation that affected him and asked to see David after 9 years. David helped him as usual and our son feels good again and is back to being himself. David, thank you for everything, you are an angel.

Thank you so much for everything, David. I know our son will miss you very much! We greatly appreciate the support and guidance you have provided him throughout high school. You have helped him navigate many things, and we are so proud of all that he has accomplished. We know that his time with you definitely played a role in that. :) :) :)

Wanted to thank you for your help with Jay .At this time, we feel he has made big progress in a short time and his communication with us has improved immensely.

Not sure what happened yesterday with you and Our son ... but I must say it's been beautiful! He is happy, talkative, smiling, engaged. Our daughter asked in private last night if you'd slipped him something.

He arrived home from school a short time ago, said he had a good day and he was still smiling! We talked a bit about his day and he even asked me how my day was!!! I said it was OK, he then asked "2 good things and 1 yucky thing?" We often asked this to get the kids to talk about their day. So I shared my 2 goods and 1 yucky and how the yucky made me feel. He was able to even articulate a sense of support for my yucky.

I just wanted to say thank you. My son is really enjoying and benefitting from his work with you. So I just wanted to express my gratitude and tell you how thankful I am that we found you. I am so glad my son is making great progress that makes me very very happy :)

After going through profiles of several counseling therapists and reading through reviews we zeroed on David. We are so happy with the decision we made in choosing the right partner for our 5 year old daughter. David worked so well with our daughter that after just 1 or 2 working sessions, he was able to get her to a level which boosted her confidence. David makes things and exercises so easy that our daughter never complained....She was always looking to keep her Friday appointments. While our daughter was David's main subject but in the process he also helped us to understand things in a perspective that we had not thought of. David comes with tremendous experience and brings his best knowledge and intent to see that his subject achieves the set goal in the time frame. Under David's guidance and suggestions, our daughter progressed week after week. We can see a marked change from the time we met him.....

David - Thank you very much for everything....

I am grateful for your path you've chosen. I caught my son lost in thought a few times throughout the day, when I asked him what he was thinking he said it was just something he discussed with you today. And then, when we shared our highs and lows tonight he said "thank you for the gift of getting me to David. It was one of the highs of my day.

You have been instrumental in assisting the family in our difficult stretch of our journey. You were placed in our lives when we were in need of an angel. Thank you for your guidance, the three of us will be forever grateful.

I feel very fortunate to having found David though his website at the beginning of this school year. Having tried taking my son (now 11-years-old) to other therapists on and off over the past few years, none of them made a true connection with us. I always felt like I was being given cookie cutter advice that was not taking my son’s individual personality into account. David truly got to know my son and therefore was able to help me create a solid plan to address unwanted behaviors. He stressed how important it was to have a clear behavior plan in writing so my son knew exactly what to expect, and I knew exactly what I was going to do. Coming to meet with David every week this entire school year has become part of our regular routine, and my son has not once said he didn’t want to go. David’s guidance and support has helped me to gain the power back in my home. My son now realizes that I’m in charge.

David is incredibly compassionate, knowledgeable, and integral. I had the good fortune of working with David ten years ago; we were both therapists at Southwest Behavioral Health, and he always brought brilliant, fresh, and intuitive insight for even the most challenging of cases. He sees everyone with the eyes and heart of love and instantly puts people at ease. If you are considering a therapist for a loved one, I highly recommend David!

David provided a professional counseling and parenting. He provided and empathic, and caring environment for me and my family. He helped us tremendously with: relationship issues,Behavioral problems, communication issues,Anxiety, Depression, and grief and loss issues. He gives 150 percent and is intelligent and passionate about his work and has a gift of connecting and building rapport with my children and myself. I feel lucky and blessed to have been able to have him work in counseling and therapy with me and my children. He helped us over come many challenges.

I would like to start with saying it has been a pleasure and an honor to have been able to work with David Abrams. I started looking for a counseling therapist for my oldest daughter. She started acting out at school and at home. She was having a hard time with school work ( needing glasses, speech thearpy, and tutoring) her father and I had just gotten back together and then a new baby sister. She resented her father, she was feeling depressed because of school, and feeling neglected at home because of the baby. When I started looking for a therapist to work with my then 8yr old daughter, I was hesitant to have a male therapist. However I was determined to find the best that I could. I also wanted someone she would feel comfortable with. I did lots of research. I wanted a therapist and counselor that was not going to be quick to label her and want to fill her up on medication. After speaking with David on many occasions I decided to give him a try. He was so passionate about his work with children and made it so clear that he was in it to truly help those in need. Not only has he helped my daughter with her problems he also gave me and my husband insight into how we as parents could help our daughter. I look back at the changes and am still amazed. My daughter is now an A and B student, she's been awarded student of the month twice. She even has the confidence in herself that she joined the girl scouts and has been awarded many times for going the extra mile helping others who were shy or had low self-esteem. Home life is better than ever. She helps out with her sister, which she use to detest. She does as she's asked without tantrums, she is continually making progress in her relationship with her father. In the end we couldn't have done this without the help from David. He's helped all of us. I would recommend him to anyone. I will continue to sing his praises now and forever. I would like anyone considering thearpy for their child to give him a try. I have my family back! There is nothing else to say, but thank you to David Abrams!

During the first phone conversation I had with David I knew I had found the right person for my teenage son. I was in search of a sports psychologist, and what we got in David, was that, and so much more!! He also worked with my son on his ADHD, his impulsivity and anger. And it was not just in a sports capacity. He cared enough to extend it outside the realm of sports so our son would be a well rounded person on and off the field. From the first session, he connected with my son and myself by using humor, personal life experiences and just by being the charismatic person that he is. One of the most important things for me was finding someone who would let me be a part of my sons care by speaking with me before or after the session. David let that happen. He gave me tools and advice on how to help refinforce what my son was learning from him, at home. Yet at the same time, he kept my son's time with him in confidence, to gain and keep his trust. My son has learned many valuble tools and techniques from David including some great coping skills to help him with his anger, and for that, I cannot thank him enough! David will always be highly recommended from us!

My 16 year old son stated:

Thanks to David's wonderful advice, humor, knowledge, and the ability to understand me, I was able to turn my anger issues around for the better. I used to always get mad at something or someone when things didnt go my way. Now I can control and also forget about the anger that comes into me. I am a much happier person! Thank you David!!

"Thank You" for all your help this past year. I am grateful we found you!"

David Abrams clearly has passion for his work. No other therapist has made a connection with my son like David has. David's emotional deepness and benevolence make for a counseling atmosphere that leads to profound meaningful therapy. You will make significant progress and develop the tools for continuous growth and improvement. I greatly recommend David to any parent facing a challenge with their
child or their own life. "

Phoenix, Arizona

My family and I have been seeing David for almost a year. David above all is a caring giving human being. He cares about you and your well being in a way that makes you feel like a close friend or relative. He has helped me through anxiety, public speaking and dealing with stressful difficult situations. He has helped my son deal with anxiety, fear and helped him be more outgoing.

David provided my son tools that will help him work through times when he is questioning his ability to complete a task. The tools and guidance he provided will be with him throughout his life to make good decisions. David is very professional, empathic, and passionate about his work. He provides a friendly and safe environment for his patients. I will always appreciate him helping my son figure out on his own how to find his true worth, which means he can achieve anything if he believes in himself. When I started looking for someone to help my son, I did a lot of research for the right fit. I know now I made the right choice.

"Thank you for working with my son and daughter; you have been a life saver. My son started pulling away, staying out all night, acting out aggressively, he was angry, and was struggling with school and wanted to dropout. He is now thriving in school and is social once again. You helped my daughter with her anxiety and anger, and helped me in being more consistent with her. Even our extended family has noticed the dramatic changes in the kids."

David worked nothing less than a miracle with my son. He had been battling paralyzing anxiety for 2 years and I had tried other therapists, acupuncture, homeopathic treatments, tapes and dietary changes , but after only a few visits with David he was free of the panic attacks and back to the boy he was two years prior! I kept thinking it would come back, but the techniques he learned allow him to keep himself in check now and not spin out of control. He was able to build a bond with my son that helped him really let go and do what David asked him to do. My son can now be a kid again!!

“I wanted to reach out and just thank you again for all your help!! I am now studying to be a yoga instructor and completely dove into the holistic health field. I specialized in dream interpretation which I absolutely love what I'm doing. I am actually visualizing daily and learning so many different breathing techniques! I truly believe everything I went through and learned lead me to this more spiritual path and self awareness and I still review your exercises whenever I feel stress coming back up! I remember you first told me you were going to teach me these techniques to have in my tool kit whenever I needed them so I made a little "tool kit" spiral book of all I learned with you and use it regularly :) You are awesome and thank you for all you do!!”

I found David online and I liked that he didn’t use labels, but focused on strengths. Our 16 year old son was having problems with his grades and was not participating in any extracurricular activities. He didn’t want to work hard at school and had no interest in having friends. He did play a lot of internet games and that was all he wanted to do. I didn’t tell our son about the first appointment with David until right before going, and of course he was not happy about it. After that first appointment our son said he was OK with going again, which we were surprised, and happy about. I’m not sure how David does what he does, but now our son is on a club soccer team, is on the track team and his grades have improved drastically. His confidence level has increased so much and he is so much happier. He still plays some internet games but it is only a very small fraction of what he was playing. We cannot thank you enough David.

After seeing a therapist, Psychologist and two Psychiatrists, we met with David and finally started to see some progress with our 7-year-old son. David helped us implement a reward system that is motivating for our son and also helped us remain consistent as his parents. It is nice to be on a good path, making progress.

Feedback from Adult Counseling Patients

"David guided me with through a difficult period with skill, understanding and compassion. He's truly remarkable."

"Thoughtful, knowledgeable and charismatic Dave helped me through a difficult period with the skill of a professional." "I didn't know what to expect when I went to see David for an anxiety disorder. We connected right away, and I was able to work through my difficulties with his expert guidance."

I had never been to counseling before meeting David who responded right away and made me feel comfortable that he could help. He has helped me learn so much about myself and has helped me overcome even other issues I wasn't aware I had that all tied together. Giving me the right tools to overcome my issues.

I'm very grateful for all he's done for me! It's allowed me to enjoy life a lot more! "
Phoenix, Arizona

Hey David. I really enjoy working with you as well. You have given us some great tools, not only to use with our son, but you were really helpful with my wife and I.

I like your style and your approach on things.
Thanks for everything!!

Thank you for being such a huge support system. I have been to my share of psychologists, psychiatrist and many therapists and by far you are already the most helpful.

Got a glowing 90 day review! Thank you for the help getting to this point.

Thank you for all your help. My life has changed immensely for the better because of your counseling. Thank you very much for all the positive encouragement. I don't say this about many people, but you have changed my life for the better.

Feedback from Counseling Professionals

“David has the unique ability to establish an effective rapport in helping children, adolescents and adults overcome life’s difficulties.”

“David’s enthusiasm and incredible ability to motivate and inspire children, teens and their families is outstanding! His genuine passion for his work is commendable. I recommend him highly.”

“As an adolescent medicine physician, it’s refreshing to find someone who not only has extensive experience working with teens but is so deeply committed to helping them make a successful transition into adulthood.”

"As a former co-worker of Davids’ I have seen him work with a wide variety of people. Seeing him work with them makes it very apparent that this is what he is meant to do. David has the ability to connect and relate to individuals on a level that is comfortable and understandable for them. His passion and dedication to his work shines through. He has genuine careand concernfor every client, this is what makes him so effective in the helping arena."

For more information and a free consultation, call (602) 575-4030 or email David at david@lifeworksaz.com.

David Abrams

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