Reactive Attachment Disorder
Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders

In the DSM V, Reactive Attachment Disorder is categorized under Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders. The other disorders in this category are:

Reactive Attachment Disorder describes children who have an underdeveloped level of attachment to a primary caregiver. They exhibit many symptoms, including difficulty regulating distressing emotions, resulting in pervasive emotions, such as fear, sadness, or irritability in instances that are not called for. Additionally, they are often detached, unresponsive or resistant to comforting, hold back emotions, and withdrawn or a mixture of approach and avoidance.
David’s approach to treatment for RAD is a family approach. David will work with the child and caregivers to repair or strengthen the attachment bonds, as appropriate. David will utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, art and play therapy techniques as well as parenting support and guidance.

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